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I'm Wim, married and two lovely boys

donderdag 7 april 2011

Completed. "No Fresh Air".

For my course photography we had to make three pictures with a story.
I ended up with my self made idea, "How would life be without fresh air.
This is my final work.

Next schoolyear I begin the third semester of the course..

1 YN 560 in tube full power.
1 YN 560 in front of boys at 1/2 power.
triggered with YN RF-602.

1 YN560  on camera at 1/4 power.

1 YN 560 at models right at full power.
1 YN 560 at models left at full power.
1 Canon 550EX behind model aimed at the graffiti at 1/4 power.

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