zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Strobist tulip

After working with a model, I wanted to do "still life' on the strobist way.
I placed one canon 550 EX on the right side of the flower with a self made diffuser ,the power was set to 1/32 35mmzoomed +/- 50cm to the right. The diffuser was an old salat bowl.I made a hole in the bottom the size of my canon 550 EX.. I cut a piece out of a translucent bag the size of the cover and put it down to the cover

On the left side a placed a selfmade reflector with a YN560 to reflect the light, the power set to 1/64  35mm zoomed  +/- 50cm

In Holland we use this to keep the frontwindow of the ca icefree in the winter.

After a little playing with the composition and a some conversion to B&W in lightroom this are the results.
Camerasettings of my 60D with 50 mm nifty-fifty lens were  1/160th sec-1/250th sec  F7.1 to F11  iso 100.  When I changed the aperture I also changed the power of the 550EX because this was my mainlight.

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