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vrijdag 23 maart 2012

My first steps in stagephotography

A few days ago I made my first steps instage photography.

It was a contest of al sorts of artperformers. DJ's, singer en songwriters, dance and performence and a lot more. The light at the theater was a serious problem and a test for my Canon 60D. I used a 50mm 1.8 and a 85mm 1.8 so I didn't have to go further than iso 3200. Mostly I used iso 1600.  It was a real challenge for me and I liked it very much. Maybe soon I can try it again.
The photo's you see were made at the region-finale of the "kunstbendelimburg 2012".

This is Verena a 13 year old girl singing from the day she was born.
Her website is  http://www.verenaderuijter.com/index.html

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